All group and permission management is done from the website.

Each game server is controlled by a at least one group. To grant access to other players to control the game server, you must invite them into a group that controls the game server.

A role within the group must have permissions granted to it, then you assign a role to a group member.

How to create a role with server admin permissions:

  1. Access the Group tab from the group homepage.
  2. Go to the Roles page and you may choose to create a new role. It is recommended that you create a role for the specific purpose of game server administration. Each user can have more than one role within the group.
  3. Click Edit Permissions next to the role that you would like to grant server admin permissions to.
  4. Locate the Game Server permission section, and choose which permissions to grant to the role. After you are done, submit the form.

How to grant a role to a user:

  1. Access the Group tab from the group homepage.
  2. Go to the People page. From the Update options select list, locate the role that you created with game server administration permissions beneath the add a role to the selected users. section.
  3. Click the checkboxes next to users you would like to grant the new permissions to. After you are done, submit the form by clicking Update at the top of the page.

I want to grant game server administration access to a user, but I do not want to let them into my group

For example: The game server is owned by a clan, but you would like to grant administration access to users that you do not have intention of inviting into your clan.

To resolve this, you may:

  1. Create another group exclusively for the administration of the game server
  2. Invite users that you would like to administer the server into the new group.
  3. From the Edit tab on the game server page, select the new group.

Game servers can be controlled by more than one group. You do not necessarily need to revoke access from the original group.