Quality Control

Lets be honest, when your server gets busy you want your players to have a good experience. The Wargrounds server manager helps to control the experience and operation of the server.

Quality control settings can be managed from the Edit tab on your game server page.

Quality control will become enforced when your server reaches a minimum population of your choice.

A recommended settings is to set it to 50% of your maximum slots. i.e: Set to 16 if your server maximum is 32 players. This is recommended because if the server is starting from zero players, you may want to seed the server with players. Once the minimum threshold is met, quality control will become enforced by the server manager. When the server reaches a population below the threshold, it will automatically switch off.

You may set minimum to zero for always on.


Setting: Maximum Latency in milliseconds.

A player will be kicked automatically if his ping is over this number consecutively for three minutes.

A recommended number is 200ms.


Setting: Maximum Idle Time in seconds.

A player will be kicked automatically if he has not been playing for this amount of time.